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Actual project: Analog Synthesizer

With the help of the following building guidance, experienced electronic amateurs with special knowledge of operational amps and a certain skill for music will be able to construct a relatively cheap analog synthesizer comparable to the legendary Mini-Moog and built with easily available chips. The appropriate circuits and their description will be published during the next weeks.   more...

Ongoing completion of the description of the Expo-Converter



ELF Receiver

The circuit described on the appropriate sites receives magnetic waves between zero and 25 Hz, created naturally or artificially and partly emitted by central mains transformers in housing areas. FFT analyses versus time often present strange frequency patterns looking like data transfer in a rate of a few Hz. Until now, the origin of these signals is not yet completely known.

About this webpage

This private website is for hobby electronics and hobby programmers, who can find building projects, background information and many practical hints there. This side will grow, but this may happen slowly because I am working on it in my spare time. The selection of the different topics depends on the projects I am working at. Any commercial use of the content of this website and its related pages must be authorized by the author.

All circuits, photographs, images, layouts and texts at this webpage are created by the author and remain the intellectual property of him.


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My name is Kurt Diedrich and I am the author of this website. After getting my diploma in geology in 1980 I decided to work as electronic journalist for the Elektor Publishing Company in the Netherlands. From 1987 to 2013 I was working for different German companies as fulltime technical author. Since my retirement in 2013 I am practising electronics and programming as a hobby and try to pass my knowledge to newcomers. I am not responsible for any eventual damage caused by applying the tips, circuits or software published on these pages and cannot guarantee that the publications on this website are free of any mistake.


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