Analog Synthesizer


On this page you get basic knowledge about analog synthesizers and about the functional principle of the described model.  more

The Circuits

Description of the following synthesizer modules:


Keyboard Interface
Low frequeny Oscillator (LFO)

Common PCB and Layout


Oscillator (VCO)
Exponential converter (princ.)
Exponential converter (circuit)

Common PCB and Layout

Triple voltage controlled amp
Envelope generator

Mixer and Noise generator

Common PCB and Layout

Voltage controlled filter (VCF)
with envelope generator 

Common PCB and Layout


Power supply

PCB and Layout




Mechanics and more

On the appropriate pages you learn how to fix and wire all the modules, potentiometers and switches, how to create an appropriate housing and a professionally looking frontpanel.


General test and adjustment hints



Recommendable playing settings